Vuze is an application that offers features like file transcoding, remote control, smooth-running interface, along with speedy downloads.

If you are looking for a BitTorrent software program in order to download large files, one application that is worth considering is Vuze. Unlike other torrent clients, Vuze is an application that offers features like file transcoding, remote control, smooth-running interface, along with speedy downloads. Vuze was formerly known as Azureus, which is the name of the Java-based engine it uses.

Interface and Content

Vuze has a relatively attractive interface, which is something that most other torrent clients lack. The interface consists of a sidebar, which includes the sub-categories “Devices,” “Library,” “Notifications,” “Subscriptions”, and “Vuze HD.”


BitTorrent software programs basically gather bits and pieces of a large file from other BitTorrent users who have already downloaded the file. This is the reason why large files can be downloaded so easily and quickly using a torrent client. One of the unique features of Vuze is its built-in search engine, where torrent ratings can also be viewed, which can help distinguish good torrents from bad ones.

To begin the torrenting process, the desired file has to be double-clicked so that necessary file data can be downloaded from the respective users, who are known as the seeders. The top toolbar displays “Pause,” “Remove” and “Stop” icons that can be clicked once the torrenting process has begun. Tabs at the bottom display information like the connection speed, and how many peers and trackers are available. Depending on factors like available seeders and connection speed, it can take no more than 4 minutes to download a 1 GB file via Vuze.

Additional Features

Unlike other applications, a transcoder plug-in will also be installed along with this torrent client, so content can even be transferred to an Apple device or PSP, or content can be streamed to a PS3 or Xbox 360. The transcoding process can be started by dragging the desired file from “Library” to the desired device in “Devices”. For Vuze to transcode an hour long video, it may take up to 4 hours. If you transcode a video to iTunes, it will be automatically synced to your Apple device and will play back without any hassle. Compatibility will not be an issue.

The “Vuze HD” sub-category will also offer you a plethora of high-definition videos, such as ongoing episodes of Web series. Democracy Now, Onion News Network, Tekzilla and The Totally Rad Show are among the include programming.

Vuze Plus is the premium version of this torrent client, which comes with several premium features like antivirus. Unlimited DVD burning is another premium feature, although a single trial burn can be performed with through the free version.

Torrents can also be managed remotely from another device using the Vuze Remote. Initially, a link will have to be established between this application and the desired device when setting up the Vuze Remote.


  • Interface is relatively attractive.
  • Files can be transcoded, transferred and played on other devices.
  • The Vuze remote can be used to remotely manage torrents.
  • The built-in search engine can be used to find torrents and view torrent ratings.


  • Blindly installs MalwareProtectionLive
  • Files cannot be transcoded and synced without launching third-party apps.


If you want to have a feature-rich torrent client, then the Vuze BitTorrent software application will prove to be the ideal choice, even if you merely download and use the free version. This client will particularly come in handy for transcoding files and control torrents remotely, while also accessing HD content.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista


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2016-02-06 09:40:34


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